Thursday August 22, 2019

Reliance Cool Muscle

image: Integrated motors

Our Cool Muscle range of integrated motors gives you everything you need in one high-density package. Every Cool Muscle motor has its own built-in drive and control. All you need is a PC with USB or serial port: use our free software to program Reliance Cool Muscle, then disconnect and walk away.Closed loop control with the built-in 50,000 count encoder gives pinpoint command of position, velocity and torque throughout the motion profile. Connect up to fifteen Cool Muscle motors together for cooperative multi-tasking multi-axis motion. Reliance Cool Muscle motors are packed with features to cut machine component count and save cost and development time. They have analogue and digital I/O on board, and RS232 and MODBUS communications as standard.

Power-managed and energy efficient, Cool Muscle always stays cool.

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