Thursday August 22, 2019

Lead screw assemblies

image: Leadscrews

Reliance leadscrews are precision rolled from a premium grade corrosion resistant, non magnetic stainless steel and are designed specifically for motion control applications where accuracy is paramount.
Innovative anti-backlash nut designs using self lubricating polymers provide assemblies which compensate for wear with low frictional drag torques and excellent positional repeatability. Positional bi-directional repeatability with an anti-backlash nut is generally around 1.5micron, standard lead accuracy is better than 0.0006mm/mm (higher accuracy 0.0001mm/mm is available on request).
Proprietary low friction coatings can be specified, which will extend the life of the anti-backlash assembly by up to 300%.

More about the range of lead screw assemblies available (PDF)

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