Thursday August 22, 2019

Linear Bearings and Slides

image: Linear Bearings and Slides

Reliance Linear Bearings and Slides are a range of linear bearings, guides and shafts that provide low friction and long life.

Spline Shafts

Reliance spline shafts are designed for light to moderate loads where linear motion is required in conjunction with anti-rotation. They are excellent alternatives for applications where hexagon shafts, square shafts and high cost ball splines may have been typically used. A graphite filled PTFE bush and a stainless steel TFE coated spline shaft provide low friction and long life.

Linear Guides

Reliance linear guides offer a high quality, cost effective, linear motion, and incorporate a gothic profile design with a 45o contact angle that provides equal load capacity in all directions. Large steel balls have been designed into this compact assembly to afford enhanced load capacity and high torsional resistance. For high speed applications the RMR miniature design includes an embedded plastic inverse hook that tightly secures the carriage components to absorb the forces generated during high acceleration.

Ball and Cross Roller Slides

Reliance ball and cross roller slides are ideal for lightly loaded applications requiring minimum friction. Typical straight line accuracies of 0.0001mm/mm and a positional repeatability of 0.0025mm with a coefficient of friction of 0.003 are available in the cross roller series.

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