Thursday August 22, 2019

Miniature linear actuators

image: Miniature linear actuators

The Reliance range of miniature linear actuators has been carefully selected to give the design engineer more flexibility in selecting the most appropriate unit for an application. The range includes:

A general purpose actuator (RGPA)

Operates at up to 100mm/sec. Repeatability +/- 0.03mm

A precision high speed actuator (RRPA)

Maximum speed 120mm/sec. Repeatability +/-0.01mm. High stiffness and durability

An ultra-precision actuator (RSSA)

For lower speed, high accuracy positioning applications. Maximum speed 20mm/sec. Repeatability +/- 0.005mm.

A miniature, rod type actuator (RMRA)

For automated microscopic feeding. Repeatability +/- 0.005mm to +/-0.002mm

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