Thursday August 22, 2019

Racks and Pinions

image: Racks and Pinions

Reliance is a manufacturer of precision racks and pinions produced by a thread grinding process which generates teeth of helicoidal form. This process provides two distinct advantages: very good pitch accuracy and sufficient tolerances of meshing conditions within 0.25o to make high precision alignment of the pinion unnecessary. Manufactured in round, tubular and rectangular section, Reliance rack can be used for both measurement and actuation applications.

Reliance also supplies standard hobbed rack for less demanding applications.

Round Rack

Ideal component for linear actuators in accurate automation applications such as X-Y tables, printers, lab automation equipment and robotics.

Tubular Rack

Especially useful for medical and scientific applications, where the hollow shaft allows for the passage of fluids, fibre optics and gases etc.

View the range of racks and pinions available (PDF)