Thursday August 22, 2019

Encoders, Resolvers and Synchros

image: Sensors and encoders

Rotary Encoders

Digital techniques in business industry have been greatly advanced. Among these, the necessity for converting analog rotating value, shaft angle position, etc to digital has been increased as measurement for physical value and automation for control systems are advanced.

Encoders, at present, have been widely used for factory automations, measurements, office automation devices, medical equipment, aviation and universal fields.

Smart Abs

Smart Abs is an ultra small, multi turn type of absolute encoder with a hollow shaft. It is designed for easy installation onto small AC servo motors across a wide variety of applications.


The Singlsyn is a new type of absolute angular resolver. This angle/speed sensor features an ultra-thin structure, a wide range of operating temperatures, greater resistance to various application environments and high reliability.


Smartsyn is a brushless resolver featuring a completely new winding method. The winding is done automatically by a winding machine realizing high production efficiency, low cost and high reliability.



Tamagawa-Seiki has a long history of Gyro production; they produced their first Gyro for aircraft in 1942. Since this time, they have introduced a great variety of gyros used mainly for motion control applications in the fields of defense, aircraft and ships.

In recent years, our mechanical gyros, gas rate sensors, optical fiber gyros and many devices applying their principles are making their way into the general industrial area, such as automatic guided vehicles, factory automation, construction and public works, as well as into aircraft and ships.