Thursday August 22, 2019


Reliance Precision UK

Founded in 1920 Reliance Precision UK offers a carefully selected range of precision components to provide a convenient single source of supply for specialist applications. Typical applications include; high vacuum, medical, aerospace and scientific instruments.

Reliance is a fully integrated manufacturing facility which offers design, manufacture, assembly and test all under one roof. The company works in conjunction with its customers from diverse markets to supply precision machined components and intricate mechatronic assemblies to demanding specifications.

Reliance gets involved in projects which need to have:

  • high accuracy
  • high reliability
  • high integrity

Much of the company's assembly work takes place in its extensive cleanroom classified at ISO 14644-1 class ISO 7 (Federal Standard 209D class 10,000 with localised areas up to class 10).

Quality assured to BS EN ISO 9001:2000 and the aerospace standard AS 9100 Revision B: Reliance is committed to providing the highest quality in terms of both manufacture and service, its business is built on maintaining the highest engineering and technological standards.


Since its foundation, Tamagawa Seiki has taken up the challenge of angular precision for control equipment, such as high-precision sensors, motors and gyros, and successfully delivered such equipment to its customers.

They are now one of the few makers in the world with the capability to develop and manufacture both two-dimensional and three-dimensional (spatial) position/angle sensors.

Tamagawa Seiki have applied leading-edge high-precision sensor technology to their "Motion System" whose fields of application are extending even to the space industry.


Since its founding in 1960, KSS has widened its manufacturing scope from a base of manufacturing technology in the ultra-precision field.

Beginning with thread gauges, their product line has grown to include precision lead screws, precision miniature ball screws, as well as standard miniature ball screws, products that have anticipated later demand.

Chieftek Precision Co Ltd

Chieftek Precision Co consists of a professional technical management team and highly skillful technicians who devote every effort to the R&D, manufacturing and a long term sustainable, perpetual operation for miniature linear motion components.

Miniaturization trend of linear motion component has started since 1990, with applications in precision measurement and inspection instruments. The recent fast growth of the semiconductor, electronics and their peripheral industries all use miniature linear motion component as a mainstay in their various operations, such as compact precision machinery and robot for the fabrication of high value computer and office automation products. Linear motion guide is a critical component for the precision automation industry.

Chieftek Precision Co's technical management team consists of domestic and international top notch professionals. Their team has determined to achieve their vision to become a global leader in the precision miniature motion components.